On a budget? have a party at home with these home birthday party ideas

Fashion Show


 Feeling creative? Invite your friends and ask everyone to bring two favorite outfits (or have everyone design their own outfit using toilet paper!) Create a runway with a roll of carpet and chairs lined up along either side. Have everyone practice walking up and down and modeling their outfits to their choice of music. For Loot Bags, take a video of the show and load the onto a USB and place in a fashionable gift bag. for everyone to take home.  

Spa Day


Invite your friends over and paint nails, do facials and style each other’s hair.  Purchase a collection of items and let everyone choose their favorites. Hand out cute "loot bags" which are cute make up bags filled with nail polish, facial packs and other spa accessories. Or even better, have everyone design their own bag to take home and let them choose three spa items to place in their bags.  

Movie Night


Google movie night invitation ideas and Invite your friends to your house to watch movies and sleep over. Have everyone bring a  sleeping bag and pillow, make popcorn, play games, and in the morning hand out popcorn buckets full of candy treats.  

Craft Party


Make your own picture frame, fridge magnet, necklace, hair accessories, or flower pot. Search online for age appropriate crafts. Send everyone home with their hand made craft wrapped in a  personalized gift bag they create themselves.  Loot Bags consist of whatever items are needed to mae your craft.    

Hair Accessory Party


Make hair accessories for your hair out of flowers, and combs, pins and various other hair items. Everyone takes home what they have made in a cute hair accessory pouch.    

Baking Party


Invite everyone over to make cookies and cupcakes. For that added touch, give out personalized aprons for everyone. After you've finished, watch funny movies and enjoy feasting on your hard work. Make loot bags using baking tins filled with cookie mix, festive cookie cutters and sprinkles.   

Back Yard Fun

Scavenger Hunt


Hide a series of items around the house or yard. Use cards to drop hints as to where items are hidden, or make everyone do a challenge to receive a hint as to where the next item is hidden. Send everyone home with a loot bag filled with word puzzles and a small game or puzzle.       

Make Your Own Fun Party


Blow bubbles, paint the sidewalks (using sidewalk chalk), make a hopscotch game, and run in the sprinkler (or play whatever games you have planned). Send everyone home with a bottle of bubbles and package of sidewalk chalk in a cute beach bucket.   

Bug Hunting Expedition


Invite everyone over and hand out bug catchers. Head into the back yard and see what everyone can find. Decorate using a "bug" theme and search online for creepy bug menu items you can either make at the party or have prepared and ready to serve.  For Loot Bags everyone takes home their bug catcher and a back of "bug" gummy treats.   

Back Yard Carnival


Search online for “Make your Own Carnival Games”.  Try http://www.listotic.com/32-best-diy-backyard-games/26/ for some great suggestions.  Send out carnival inviations and have your friends over and set up backyard games. Have a “guess the number of jelly beans in the jar contest”, throw the balls in a bucket – try and knock down the target game. Everyone leaves with a bright carnival loot bag full of small toys and treats 

Back Yard Campout


Pitch a tent in the back yard and invite a few friends over. Make pizza and  smores (get creative and add some new ingredients) and snacks and sit outside and watch movies or tell ghost stories. Create DIY blankets (for how-to instructions just email us).  This is an easy craft that kids love. Hand out your loot bags during the party that consist of glow in the dark rocks, glo sticks and glow in the dark toys and snacks for the movies.         

Back Yard Circus


Search online and create your own circus activities and games in your own back yard. If budget allows, hire a children’s entertainer to keep everyone occupied. Have a “candy bar” available (a brightly decorated table filled with different containers of candies – guests get to fill their own personalized treat bags with goodies). For loot bags send everyone home with a “tent” loot bag filled with stickers, a small toy and their favorite candies.   

After Dark Parties

"Ouija Party"


Perfect for a small group of close friends. Make sure children are age appropriate and also make sure you ask all parents if they are ok with this before you do invitations (some people don’t like Ouija Boards and don’t want their children participating). If possible have more than one board (no more than 4 people per board). If you need more than one, try visiting your local thrift store and purchase used ones. Light battery operated fire-safe candles and turn the lights down for some spooky fun.  Hand out fortune telling fish and worry dolls in your Loot Bags.

Room Escape


Feeling creative and energetic? Create a room escape game in a small room in your house. Create a series of clues and boxes with locks that lead to the next clue. Visit your local thrift store to find various boxes and items to hide things in. Create your own story line and theme based on what you find and what gives you inspiration. Loot bags can be tied into whatever theme you develop for your game.        

Star Gazing Sleep Over


Pitch a tent in the back yard and invite a few friends over. Download a star gazing app and see how many constellations you can find. Make smores and snacks and sit outside and watch movies or tell ghost stories. Hand out your loot bags during the party that consist of glow in the dark rocks and any other glow in the dark toys.       

Ghost Walk


Go on a ghost walk with your friends (or research areas close to you for scary places or restaurants) and come back home and tell ghost stories and watch scary movies, play Ouija or read tarot cards. Serve ice cream with dry ice (if you can find a supplier in your area). Hand out loot bags with worry dolls and stone bracelets or collectible chakra stones in organza mesh bags.

Drive In Party


Live close to your local Drive In? Bring a few friends and catch a movie. Go early and bring activities to keep everyone busy. Hand out loot bags full of everyone’s favorite candy and treats. Kids too young for a drive in? Make you own! Grab some large empty boxes from your local grocery store and decorate them with paper plates for wheels – kids can sit in their own “car” - have a "snack bar" and serve munchies and let everyone watch their favorite movie together.    

Friday the 13th


A great Halloween or Friday the 13th Party . Have a room filled with “human remains” – turn the lights right down, play creepy music and have everyone “examine the remains” of a body found in the cellar.  A container of veins (bowl of wet spaghetti), eyeballs (round hard candies), intestines (wet gummy worms), are part of the fun - use your imagination and create more body parts. Then watch scary movies and tell ghost stories. Have Loot Bags full of fun and festive candy treats.       

Fun and Games

Minute To Win It Games


Go online to find fun games you can easily make yourself at home (using everyday items).  Games are timed and are sure to provide lots of laughs.  Loot bags can be filled with a small game and candy treats.  If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Board Game Night


Collect your favorite board games (or hit your local thrift store and stock up on some classics). Invite friends over and everyone picks out of a hat to see what game they play (that way you can pre-determine how many players play each game). Then alternate so everyone eventually has played every game. Make Loot Bags that include a small game/board game and treats.    

Twister Party


Hit your local thrift store and stock up on a few Twister Games (you can almost always find them there). Tape 4 of them together and everyone plays together on one mat. You will have to arrange for one person to spin the spinner and call out instructions to everyone. Send everyone home with a picture frame with “a twisted photo to follow” written in it - and send everyone a photo after they are developed.  

Egg Hunt Party


Wait until Easter ends and stock up on the plastic Easter eggs. Send out invites folded up inside plastic eggs.  Have everyone decorate paper bags to store their finds in. Hide small items like erasers, candy, coins, raffle tickets.  (Not suitable for children under 3 years). Fill all of the eggs (a time consuming task – but one that will be appreciated) and hide them outside or around the house. Let everyone collect their eggs and at the end call the winning raffle ticket.  Loot Bags consist of a basket of eggs filled with extra special treats.   

Pizza and Games Night


Does your child and her friends have a favourite TV show? Invite them over.  Everyone creates their own pizza and plays games while they cook.  Sit and binge-watch your favorite show all night. Play games and serve food in between to keep everyone busy. Give out loot bags that go with the theme of the show you are watching.    

Puzzle Relay


Visit your local thrift store and stock up on a few puzzles.  Everyone works in pairs and works on each puzzle for a set period of time (i.e. 10 minutes) - a bell is rung after time is up and pairs move onto the next puzzle.  The pair who ends up solving the first puzzle wins.  Hand out Loot Bags that consist of a small puzzle and candy treats.   

Get creative

Photo Booth Party


Like taking pictures? Invite everyone to bring a crazy outfit or two, and create your own photo booth. Use props  (mustaches, glasses etc.) Purchase an empty frame at a thrift store and have groups hold up the frame and take their photo in it.  Have everyone decorate a frame and leave enough space for an instamatic photo and decorate the border around it.  Buy an instamatic camera and send everyone home with a framed group photo. 

Musical Instrument Party


Search online for musical instruments you can create as a craft. Try https://www.howweelearn.com/spectacular-homemade-musical-instruments/

for some great ideas.  Invite everyone over, and everyone creates their own instrument. When everyone is done, have the group play a song and video it. Send everyone home with a lootbag full of treats, and a USB Drive with the video of the group playing the song.        

Mad Scientist Party


Is your child a budding scientist?  Try https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/20-awesome-diy-science-projects-with-your-kids.html for some great ideas.

Create ID badge invites for everyone.  Make simple expirements (tornado in a jar, homemade volcano, salt and ice, homemade slime.  Have dry ice on hand and serve ice cream in bowls with it (adult supervision required). Hand out Loot Bags full of home made slime in test tubes,  tornado in a jar funnels and candy, 

Make Your Own Fun Party


Blow bubbles, paint the sidewalks (using sidewalk chalk) and run in the sprinkler (or play whatever games you have planned). Send everyone home with a bottle of bubbles and package of sidewalk chalk in a cute beach bucket.     Running a holiday sale or weekly special? 

Fun in the Snow


Visit a local park and go toboganning for the afternoon. Have a snowman building contest. Come back home and make cookies and hot chocolate.  Send everyone home with a decorative mug filled with a hot chocolate packet. 

Reptile Party


If you are brave enough, hire a company that brings reptiles to your home for children to see first hand (and hold!). Afterwards hand out loot bags with assorted bugs and reptiles (not live of course), and their favorite treats.   

Take it Outside

Winter Skating Afternoon


Meet up at the nearest outdoor rink or indoor arena. After a fun skate go back home for hot chocolate and snacks. Hand out loot bags with festive mittens with hot chocolate and marshmallows packets stuffed inside them.        

Summer Fun


Looking for an excuse for a spur of the moment party on a summer day?  Head to the park and pack a picnic.  Make it extra special by handing out invitations and Loot Bags filled with treats and pre-filled water toys to play with at the park.  

Water Fun Party


 Invite everyone over for an afternoon of water fun.  Have a sprinkler, wading pool and slip and slide set up, and finish off with a water balloon catching contest.  After everyone has dried off send them home with a Loot Bag full of summer candy treats.   

Leaf Collecting Party


Live close to a park or trail? Invite young ones over to go for a walk, play at the park and then collect leaves. Everyone comes back to your place and have them lay their leaves in wax paper and (with your help) iron then. Send everyone home with a “Fall Themed” loot bag or have everyone decorate a picture frame with Fall stickers.   

Party at the Park


Looking for a quick last minute get together idea?  Plan an afternoon at the park, bring snacks and drinks and blankets for everyone to sit on.  Hand out loot bags filled with candy treats.  Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Hockey Team Party


Find a local outdoor rink and rent it for an hour. Invite your hockey team friends to play a game of shinny. Afterwards head back home for hot chocolate and games. When they leave everyone gets a Loot Back in the shape of a zamboni.  For older kids, loot bags consist of a titanium necklace in your hockey team colors (note – at least 6 weeks notice is required to order).   

parties and activities

Rubber Duck Race


Have a pool? Give everyone a rubber duck (number the bottom of each duck with permanent marker).  Supply everyone with a squirt gun filled with water - have everyone squirt their duck and see who gets to the other side first.  Do a best of 3 races or semi finals and finals. Hand out a cute rubber duck and bath toys in your loot bag.

First Day of School Party


Is your son or daughter anxious about the first day of school?  Have a party the weekend before the kids go back.  Invite friends and other children who go to the same school.  Plan interactive games that help everyone to compete together. For Loot Bags hand out bags filled with fun school supplies.  

Princess Party


Every little girl wants to be a princess.  Buy tiaras from the Dollar or local craft store.  Supply jewels, sparkles and rhinestones and have everyone decorate their own tiaras.  Take photos of everyone wearing their tiaras.  Have guests bring a favorite dress to make it more special. Provide supplies to have everyone decorate their own person Tiara Holder gift bags to take them home in. 

Longest Drawing


Purchase a large roll of packing paper from a craft supply store and roll it out.  Have everyone line up and have their own section of paper they get to paint or color on with markers or crayons. Send everyone home with a loot bag full of paper, a coloring book and a pack of crayons,

In the Dark Party


Have an entire party in the dark.  Play glow in the dark Twister and serve dinner and cake on a table filled with glo sticks.  

Glamping Night


Invite everyone over and set up pop up tents indoors or make forts out of blankets and furniture. Watch movies and have snacks and have tell ghost stories and sleep over.  

adult party themes

Casino Night


 Host a Casino Night in your home - or arrange for a Limo to take you to a nearby Casino. Create unique Gift Bags that tie in to your special celebration.  

Milestones and Anniversaries


 Create special Gift Bags for all your guest to take home after the big celebration.  Let us create a personalized poem to commemorate the milestone.   

At Home Painting Party


 A fun way to keep everyone entertained for the evening.  Hand out Loot Bags as people arrive filled with paintbrushes and paints.  Supply a "model" photo and everyone paints their own version of it.  

Games Night


Host a Pub/Games Night in your home.  Play cards and send everyone home with a deck of personalized cards to remember the night.   Let us help you with event and party planning and create adult loot bags for your event.

Celebration Weekend


 Have a weekend celebration planned?  Let us create Loot Bags filled with appropriate items that tie into the theme of wherever you are visiting - hand them out before departure to set the mood for the weekend. 

Pool Party


 Have a pool?  Invite everyone over and have them dress in their favorite beach attire.  Have everyone make a special drink and award a prize to the most popular cocktail.  Hand out pails with fun items to take home for the kids.   

keeping busy

Pirate Party


Have a pirate party.  Hand out picture maps and have a Treasure Hunt in the back yard where everyone has to draw where they saw the item on the map.  Fill black balloons water and have a "water canon" balloon toss. Place a piece of wood over a small swimming pool and have guests "walk the plank".  Play "worm on a string" where kids have to eat a gummy worm hanging on a string without using their hands. Serve cupcakes garnished with chocolate coins and hand out loot bags filled with pirate goodies from a treasure chest.  

Bike Decorating Party


Invite friends from your neighborhood to bring their bikes and helmets and let everyone decorate their bikes.  Supply water proof streamers and pre-cut colorful straws for spokes.  Set up sprinklers and have guests ride through them and try and not get wet. 

DIY Magician Party


Research home made magic tricks online and purchase necessary supplies.  Guests pick a card and have to perform the magic trick that is on the card. Have each guest perform a magic trick for the group.  Hand out Loot Bags filled with magician's wands and a take home magic trick. For dessert service ice cream in bowls with dry ice and boiling water (to be done by an adult).  Email us if you need help finding a dry ice supplier.  

Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Contest


Great for a last minute get together.  Supply un- decorated cupcakes and cookies and icing, sprinkles (food coloring if you are feeling adventerous) and any other festive decorations.  Have everyone decorate and take photos of their creations.  Send everyone home with a loot bag filled with cake mix and store bought icing.

Jewellery Making Party


Visit your local crafts store and stock up on age-appropriate jewellery making supplies.  Visit the dollar store and purchase small wooden jewellery boxes.  Have everyone create their jewellery and paint or decorate their jewellery box and take it home with them.  

Would You Rather Party


Google age appropriate "Would you Rather" questions for your guests.  Type and print them and place them in a large jar and have everyone take a turn choosing and asking questions.  Follow up with an active game like Twister and then a movie. Send everyone home with a Loot Bag full of goodies and their own set of Would You Rather questions. 

at home parties

Flower Planting Party


Purchase several packages of seeds, along with small pots and planting soil.  Have everyone paint and decorate their 3 pots and play a game while they dry.  Everyone chooses 3 kinds of flowers and plants them in their pots.  Have everyone create popsicle sticks with labels on them so they know what they are growing.  Hand out Loot bags made of flower pots with seeds and gummie worms in them.  

Create a Kite Partry


Search online for instructions on creating a simple kite and purchase the necessary items.  Try https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-KiteHave for some ideas.  Have everyone paint/decorate their kite and while it dries create the remaining portion.  Visit a nearby area and let everyone try and fly their new creation.  For Loot Bags hand out toy kites and candies in colorful sand buckets.

Lego Birthday Party


Everyone loves Lego.  Research online and create Lego invitations.  When everyone arrives have colorful bowls of Lego set up for everyone to play with.  Visit 

https://frugalfun4boys.com/2017/02/18/lego-party-games/ for some fun Lego Games.  For Loot Bags have colorful paper bags decorate like Lego with Lego Toys and Lego shaped candy in them.  If you need help finding the Lego Candy contact us.

Tie Dye Party


Create "tie dye" invitations using paper from a craft store.  Either ask everyone to bring a white t-shirt or purchase them from a craft or thrift store.  This is a great outdoor event.  Its best to wash and dry them before you send kids home with them but be sure to wash them thoroughly by hand first.  Warn parents the dye may still run for the first few washes.  For Loot Bags have everyone decorate and create their own "designer" bag to bring t-shirts home in. 

"You Rock" Party


If you are energetic, collect some appropriate paperweight sized rocks.  If not, purchase some from a local nursery.  Invite everyone over and allow them to choose 2-3 rocks they would like to paint.  This is a great idea if Mother's Day or Father's Day is coming up and young children want to make a gift for their Mom or Dad.  Loot Bags consist of 1 or 2 small wooden boxes that everyone decorates.  Have everyone choose however many rocks you decide to let them create and decorate them.   

Cupcake Competition


Purchase icing, food coloring and cupcake toppings. Invite everyone over and have them create their choice of cupcake flavor and bake them.  For that added touch, hand out personalized aprons. While they bake, have everyone decorate a treat box or bag with their own cupcake design.  When cupcakes have cooled, everyone decorates 3 cupcakes using their own design ideas and chooses their favorite.  Take a photo of everyone with their favorite creation.  For Loot Bags send everyone home with a cake mix, icing, and sprinkles to decorate with.